4 Kitchen Design Trends to Expect in the New Year

The New Year provides plenty of motivation for a refresh of your current kitchen look. If you’re looking towards a renovation in the coming months, keep an eye out for the following design trends expected to be popular. Our professional design staff can give you ideas on how to incorporate these new looks into your kitchen.

Open Shelving

Aligned with current trends that promote an open, multi-purpose feel in the kitchen, open-air shelves will be used to de-clutter and virtually expand even the smallest rooms. Homeowners will forego cabinet doors and instead display tableware, vases and other kitchen necessities.

Mixed Materials

In search of a homier feel, homeowners will combine materials and finishes to create a mix of traditional and modern. A marble island with a wooden base and granite countertops paired with antique cabinets are great examples of this trend in action.

White or Colored Sinks

With warmer finishes, homeowners will look at new color palettes for the kitchen. A white or colored sink may be used in place of the traditional stainless steel to match modern countertops or finishes.

Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes will make a spark in 2015. Homeowners traditionally use silver, chromes and stainless steel in the kitchen to provide a sleek and finished look. But this year finishes like gold, copper and bronze will be used for a warmer look.

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